About Us

Our Bar Association is commited to provide outstanding services focusing primarily on litigation & dispute resolution, business transaction practice, and bankruptcy proceedings.

We have grown significantly since our inception and achieved considerable success through creating a team of professionals in various areas of law and significantly expanding our practice.

Our record of accomplishment enables us to build a dedicated team to handle any project, regardless of its complexity. Our highly professional approach to each task helps ensure that every project receives thorough assessment and support. We feel personally responsible for the outcome of our work, which enables us to offer the highest standards of service.

Our core principles include a highly responsible and professional attitude, consistent quality improvement, customer tailored approach, continuous development, and implementation of new and innovative approaches.

The Benefits of Working with Us

Qualifications and Experience

Our professionals’ qualifications and experience enable us to offer services across a wide range of areas, regardless of complexity.

Our Individual Approach

We tackle even the most challenging tasks.


We want to help clients solve their problems rather than comply with formal requirements or respond to “yes or no” questions.


We always inform our clients about any adverse consequences of their actions (or our actions on their behalf). We say what we think and not what our clients want to hear.

How We Work

  • Appointment

    Preliminary meeting with the client. Task description.

  • Drafting TOR

    Preparing a general vision of the task: draft Terms of Reference (TOR)

  • Discussion

    Discussing of our understanding with the client

  • TOR

    Finalizing TOR

  • The Process

    Services provided: working meetings, consultations, and presentations

  • Project Completion

    Delivery to the client and presentation of the project to supervisors.

  • Support

    Client support following project completion: consultations, useful advice, and congratulations.


A few words about our values and our client care system

We try to make sure that every interaction with the client ends up with a brief summary of what we had agreed upon.

We try to convince the clients that it would be at less cost to do some work on their own, with our support and frequent advice.

We always refuse to accept a job offer when we are not sure that it fits our qualifications or when we won’t be able to complete the work by the deadline. In these cases, we always provide referrals to the colleagues whom we trust.

The entire workflow is documented.

Our payment system is fully transparent. Our price quotation to the client always explains how the total amount is calculated and provides a breakdown of costs.

To be “on time” and comlpy with the deadline is one of our utmost values. If we think we could miss the deadline, we give our prompt notice to the client. We do not accept work with unrealizable deadlines.

We have descriptions of all quality control procedures and techniques.

Cross checking for Quality Assurance.

When it comes to all major decisions, we apply out best efforts to develop a consensus
and find the best solution jointly with the client. Our work is a collaborative endeavour.

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